LEAP Foundation...Facilitating "CARE"

Welcome to LEAP Foundation ...

LEAP Foundation is a Non-Profit Organisation that is focused on equipping the youths of Africa with skills that make them globally relevant and better positioned to make valuable contributions to Africa’s sustainable development.

Our purpose is to join like-minded people, organisations and institutions to invest in the development and empowerment of youths of Africa, in blueprinting Africa’s future transformational leaders. We know that, for the youths of Africa, the future is now!

LEAP Foundation is about Facilitating ’CARE’: ‘Capacity’; ‘Adaptability’; ‘Responsibility’; ‘Empowerment’.

Join Us

Are you interested in youth development and empowerment? Do you want to see a better educated, highly skilled, more exposed, super energised and incredibly inspired youth population in your country and across Africa? Join us, and let us make it happen.