About Us

Who We Are

LEAP Foundation was established to propagate the ideals of caring and sharing for the common good and benefit of all, especially through youth development across Africa. LEAP Foundation is a member of the LEAP Group, whose Founders, Promoters and Trustees are business leaders and professionals with a strong desire and commitment to providing opportunities for the youths of Africa to improve themselves and make tangible contributions to Africa’s sustainable development.

Our major focus in this regard is to help blueprint Africa’s future leaders by investing in special education and training for the youths, as well as exposing them to the transformational power of coaching and mentoring. Our aim is to support the younger population and generations of Africans to build the capacity to be true change agents, as emerging leaders and influencers. The goal is to promote improved life aspirations and lifestyles of young Africans who desire to be impact leaders in their families, community, business, government and elsewhere.

Our Mandate

LEAP Foundation is primarily interested in and concerned with the effective and sustainable mobilisation of Africa’s greatest and most readily available resources – the youths for the continent’s sustainable development. This is by providing specialised education and utilising powerful action-learning processes to support the youths of Africa to build the capacity to become creators of sustainable value, wealth and positive impact across the continent. That is our mandate.

Our Mission

Our mission is to support the youths of Africa to rise above the challenges of marginalisation, social ills, economic status, and personal limitations, so that they can confidently take their place as influencers and leaders in the society.

Our Motivation

Our motivation is to facilitate ‘CARE’: ‘Capacity’; ‘Adaptability’; ‘Responsibility’; ‘Empowerment’ among the youth population of Africa. We have our roots in Africa, where we have seen widespread poverty in the midst of potential prosperity, and devastating deprivation where there is abundance of natural and human resources. We are therefore motivated to use our knowledge, skills, experience and networks to contribute to the reversal of this anomaly. We believe that sustainable investment in youth development and empowerment is a realistic contribution that we can make.