Our Work

What We Do

Our calling is to uplift others through service as leaders, facilitators, trainers, coaches, mentors and managers. Our work is to facilitate desired change, and create value (wealth) across Africa by mobilising the youths of Africa in particular to use their skills and energies to bring about sustainable development across Africa. We believe that Africa’s vast untapped natural and human resources can aid the continent’s greater contribution to world socioeconomic development. We also believe that the youths have a great role to play in Africa’s resurgence and future significance.

However, as simple knowledge and observations, as well as multiple pieces of evidence show, young Africans who constitute as much as 60 per cent of Africa’s population face a myriad of socioeconomic challenges, which would continue to make them lag behind youths elsewhere. The most critical of these challenges include poverty, poor mental and physical health, unfavourable educational outcomes, skills deficiency, and lack of access to basic needs.

Our token contribution to the possibilities and opportunities of youth development and empowerment for sustainable development in Africa is to create realistic platforms for increased access of the youths to specialised education adaptive action-learning. The practical education on offer, together with the exposure to the right training, coaching and mentoring opportunities are rare, but urgently needed opportunities. LEAP Foundation is committed to facilitating that possibility and providing the best opportunities through effective resource mobilisation and stakeholder management.

Our Approach

Our approach in contributing to the sustainable development of Africa through the provision of needed life, technical and professional skills to the youths of Africa is described by the acronym, “CARE”. This stands for: Capacity; Adaptability; Responsibility; Empowerment.  The ‘CARE” concept as it relates to youth development and empowerment is outlined below.

  • Capacity-Building – Unlock and unleash potentials of youths of Africa through facilitation of critical skills development and optimisation.
  • Adaptability – Help youths to thrive amidst rapid global and local changes through effective activation and appropriate alignment of creative.
  • Responsibility – Provide opportunities for youths to take responsibility and commit to necessary actions and steps to compel sustainable development.
  • Empowerment – Help to improve quality of life and enhance all-round performance of Africa’s youths through their continuous learning and growth.