A Coaching and Mentoring Programme for Youths of Africa

The Youth Lifeshift Programme is a skills acquisition programme of LEAP Foundation aimed at building capacity and developing critical skills of the youths of Africa. This is through the utilisation of the power of coaching to reinforce positive belief systems, change negative mindsets, and optimise special skills, in order to effectively energise and appropriately position African youths for future leadership.


International Coaching and Mentoring Institute (ICMI), a specialist coaching solutions, coach training and skills development organisation is the facilitator of the coaching and mentoring aspect of the project. The role of LEAP Foundation is project management and resource mobilisation, working alongside Destiny Media Africa and Easy Practical Projects (Pty) Ltd, who are the other partners.


The Youth LifeShift Programme is a response to the growing need for radical, but practical and easier ways to combat the myriad of problems facing the younger generations of Africans. The coaching and mentoring initiative specifically offers an opportunity for sustainable and cost-effective, “just-in-time” intervention, through integrated qualitative youth coaching and mentoring solutions.

The four key areas that the Youth LifeShift Programme focuses on for youth development and transformation through coaching are highlighted below.

  1. MINDSHIFT – “Thinking Capacity”: Belief; Awareness; Knowledge; Tenacity; Mastery; Confidence.


  1. SKILLSHIFT – “Adaptability Capacity”: Life, Professional, Technology, Entrepreneurial Skills.


  1. LEADERSHIFT – “People Management Capacity”: Emotional Intelligence (EQ); Relationship Management; Coach-Leadership.


  1. WEALTHSHIFT – “Resource Management Capacity”: Financial Literacy; Financial Intelligence; Investments; Wealth Creation.

Five Distinguishing Factors and Benefits of the YouthLifeShift Programme:

  1. Exposure to Success Coaching
  2. Focus on Critical Areas to Activate Success
  3. Attention on Re-Energising Youths
  4. Igniting Promise and Purpose for Youths of Africa
  5. Measurable Development Indicators